12 Habits for improving the quality of your life

Quality of life, as defined here, is the sum total of your health, happiness, vitality, leisure, and income.

By improving our habits, we can improve the quality of our lives on multiple spectrums.

1. Reading:

Start reading those heavy duty materials, which you have thought that they are so boring in your childhood. Because reading and gaining knowledge will help you in becoming a better human.

  • Read self help books.
  • Read Knowledge Books.
  • Read newspaper daily.
  • Read maximum in the area which you are working or about to work.

The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading in order to write. A man will turn over half a library to make a book” – Samuel Johnson 

2. Connect and spread love: 

One sure fire habit to develop that will boost overall happiness is the act of connecting and spreading love.

  • Give someone a hug or let someone hug you.
  • Pick up the phone and tell someone that you appreciate them, or simply listen to what someone has to say.
  • You’ll be surprised and just how satisfying it will be to take an interest in someone else’s life.

The love of the family, the love of one person can heal. It heals the scars left by a larger society. A massive, powerful society” – Maya Angelou

3. Be a Morning Personality:

  • By waking up early in the morning will make you realize that you have gotten a hell amount of time in a particular day.
  • Body metabolism will be affected in a GREAT manner.

When I wake up every morning, I thank God for the new day”F. Sionil Jose

4. Plan before Move:

  • Always plan your moves so that you know what you gonna do!
  • Make a timetable that suits your activities and always tried to stuck with it.
  • Have a habit to plan for a particular thing in an efficient way so that you can have enough time to do the rest of things.
  • Say No to Procrastination.(Stick to your plan).

A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week” – George Patton

5. 64 ounces of water:

Everyone knows the health benefits of water. Human adult bodies consist of up to 60% water, the brain and heart consist of 73% water, and the lungs consist of approximately 83% water. But, too often, we don’t take in enough water.

  • We generally tend to get our water intake from sugary sodas, coffees, and other unhealthy drinks.
  • The general rule of thumb is to drink at least 8 8-ounce glasses of water, which is 64 ounces.

Drinking water is essential to a healthy lifestyle” – Stephen Curry

6. Respect: 

  • Always give respect to your parents.
  • Give respect to everyone,this won’t make you inferior in the society.
  • A simple line: Give Respect and Take Respect.

“When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect toward others” – Dalai Lama

7. Set Goals:

  • Set your goals either that will be long term or short term,but do set them.
  • Make a boundary to complete a particular goal.
  • Always stay positive towards your goal,nonetheless one day you will have the fruit in your basket.

A goal properly set is halfway reached”  Zig Ziglar

8. Save 20% of your income:

Oftentimes, it takes adhering to a strict schedule of saving over a long period to get ahead.

  • This money isn’t just for emergencies; it’s moment-of-opportunity cash.
  • It’s money that needs to be used when the right opportunity for investment presents itself.
  • At least 20% of your income should be saved, in order to build up your funds for investment opportunities.

Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship” – Benjamin Franklin

9. Meditation:

At the starting you will feel boring. Many of the thoughts will be doing salsa in your mind. After few days of practicing(let’s say first 21 days),

  • you will feel like much more fresh
  • more lively
  • you have control over your anger.

It doesn’t matter one should do for 5 minutes or 1 hour. Just wake up early morning and start meditating.

Prayer is you speaking to God.Meditation is allowing the spirit to speak to you” – Deepak Chopra

10. Don’t waste too much time in social media:

  • Use social networking very less (facebook, whatsapp, instagram, hike)
  • Use Google and quora instead.
  • Spend your precious time in Internet on doing constructive things.

If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of”
Bruce Lee

11. Eat healthy foods:

  • Eat healthy foods (fresh vegitables, fruits, nuts, egg, milk, fish)
  • Avoid junk foods
  • Don’t skip your breakfast
  • Eat at the right time
  • Drink 6 litres of water daily

Respect your body. Eat well. Dance forever” – Eliza Gaynor Minden

12. Travel more places:

There are many new things to learn. Just travel around the world as much as you can. Meet new people. Learn the new things and explore it.

Travel’s greatest purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one” – William Hazlitt