Life’s 3 choices – Accept it, Change it, or Leave it

Life is a wonderful journey for those who are ready to see it unfold and be prepared to receive the shocks and surprises that it might throw.

There are three solutions to every problem: accept it, change it, or leave it. If you can’t accept it, change it. If you can’t change it, leave it– Anonymous

These three solutions are the best method to live happily or guilt free. If something uncontrolled or beyond your limit then just accept it. If you are not satisfied then take the bold step and no matter what change the situation. Or if nothing works then leave it no need to consume your energy to deal with the problem. Well, these three solution hides biggest secret in itself, to live life happily.

Accept it – When change or avoidance are not possible, acceptance becomes your best choice; for peace of mind and reduced stress. So, accept your situation as is, and without conditions.

Accept it, gives the sense of surrender against the situation. If something happened which is not in our hand or uncontrollable such as death of loved one or some natural hazards like flood or tornado or accident. Then, instead of accusing our fate we should compromise the present situation and accept it.

“Why this happen to me” kind of mentality is not going provide any solution to the problem besides its makes the situation more worst. Accept the situation and move on can be keep us alive.

Change it – If you’re frustrated with your circumstance or a relationship, take action to improve it, to the extent you’re able to influence events or behaviors.
Change it, if we are not happy in our current life.

Such as job is not satisfactory or getting bad outcomes whatever we do. So take a bold step and change the whole situation. If you decided in your heart and mind I will change my life or I don’t want live like a looser.

Change the situation but change needs tools like positivity in thoughts, self-confidence and lots of encouragement. with these tools anybody can come out from any situation.

Leave it – When a situation becomes unbearable, you do not have to stay and endure the pain. Let go, and look forward to the inevitable change that follows.
If something gives you continues pain or suffering better to leave it. Life is very short so why waste.

“You correct an error by bringing truth to it” – Wayne W. Dyer

Life's 3 choices

Accepting what you dislike, disagree with or oppose is difficult if you are not open and receptive to the following:
1) People change.
2) You are responsible to people not for them.
3) You are living in the past or the future.
4) You have a closed mind.
5) You are stuck in your perceptions, opinions and beliefs.
6) You believe your “way” is the best or only way. and
7) Your ego is so in control of your life that even though you know you are not right, you can’t or refuse to accept what you can’t change.

That leaves you with your third and final option, you can leave.

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