Inviting Motivational Authors to promote your Books in our Motivational Website

Hello Motivational Authors,

This is Rajamanickam from QualityPoint Technologies which runs TheQuotes.Net website.

We have started TheQuotes.Net many years back to publish Motivational Quotes. And, we have added lot of Motivational Quotes in various formats like, Text, Image, Motivational Calendar, Facebook Covers, Gallery, etc.

And, recently we have started a Motivation Section by creating this sub-domain

We have published few Motivational Articles in this Motivation Section, and working on to add more inspiring Articles which can help our readers to improve Quality of their Life.

I strongly believe in win-win approach. So, I have come up with the below plan to add more Quality Articles to this Website.

I have decided to allow the Motivational Authors to publish a summary or core message of their Motivational Book in this website. At the end of the article I will include the link to their Book in Amazon with our affiliate ID. So, whenever our readers buy the Book, the Author will get Royalty from Amazon and I will get Affiliate Commission from Amazon. Win-Win for Authors and for me.

Apart from that, our Readers will get Free Motivational Article to read, and option to read summary or core message of the Book before buying it. So, it is win-win for everyone.

Currently this Motivation section is relatively new, so it is not getting much visitors. But I will run paid campaigns (e.g Facebook Ads, Goolge Adwords, Reddit Ads, etc) to bring the traffic and to increase the Book sales. Since I will be getting Amazon Affiliate Commission for the Book Sales, I believe this model can sustain. Revenue from Google AdSense will also help to continue this process even if the Books are not selling initially. And, I will promote the articles through our Quote of the Day News Letter also. Apart from that, I will promote the articles through our Motivational Quotes Android App, and through all our Facebook Page and other Social Media accounts.

So, I believe it will be a great opportunity for the Motivational Book Authors to promote their Books without spending any Money.

If you believe this plan, you can send me ( [email protected] ) your Motivational Article and Your Amazon Book link. If your Book is not published in Amazon, you can use your website or any other link also. But in this case I will include related Amazon link apart from your own link.

You need NOT be a famous Author to send your Article, but your Article should be of High Quality and it should be really useful to our Readers, either by motivating them, or by teaching them Soft Skills and Life Skills. I prefer the article to be Unique; Anyway, I may accept duplicate Article also if it is very much useful to our Readers.

If you don’t want to send your article, but still interested to promote your Book freely, you can do it by adding your Book in our Motivational Shop Page. For this option, I will consider only the Books with Good Reviews and Competitive Price or with huge Discount or Offers. And, I will choose very few Books only.

Please let me know if you need any other details.